The deadline has now passed for participation. We are excited to see everyone's trees!

We are keen to attract as many participants as possible to the re-launch of this popular event. Participants will need to complete TWO forms, one with tree information, and another if they need to order a tree, stand and or leaflet stand for information they wish to share with our visitors.

Participant Forms

Participant tree information forms may be downloaded here for completion. If you wish to edit and email a digital copy, the editable document can be downloaded here.

Return your completed forms either via email to or via post to St Mary-le-Tower, Tower Street, Ipswich IP1 3BE. Please mark your envelope "Trees at the Tower". 

If you wish to order a real tree, the tree order form can be downloaded here for completion to deliver, or here to edit digitally and email to

NB. Participants wishing to supply their own artificial tree and stand are not required to make a payment but are encouraged to donate £10 to the Festival for the publicity offered in church and in the free brochure. This is a suggestion only and no one should feel unable to participate if this is prohibitive.

The deadline for participating is Tuesday 16th November, when all forms must be received by. Payment must be via BACS and must be made by 30th November. Please ensure you mark it TaTT and add your name for identification.