Our Tree Festival is a great deal of fun... but it is a great deal of work too unless the burden is shared between many people. You don't need to offer a great deal of time, some of our volunteers man the café or children's activities for an hour or two to give those running them a break. Other roles include:-

  • Planning the Festival - join our Festival planning team!
  • Helping take delivery of trees and setting up
  • Taking a slot on the café
  • Providing food for the café
  • Helping prepare children's activities - this could be cutting out shapes from card at home before the Festival of offering an hour or two of your time during the Festival.
  • Welcoming people on the door
  • Acting as tour guide during the Festival
  • Helping take trees down and clear away

It really is true that many hands make light work, it's a fun week and we have a party at the end! If you can offer some help, please contact Jo at churchwarden@stmaryletower.org.uk